Monday, December 3, 2012

New fitness challenges

Well I am 2 days late but better late than never right?

I started 2 fitness challenges today. In addition to my hour + gym time 4-5 times a week I'm going to do 1 plank a day for as long as I can hold it with good form and I'm doing a squat challenge.

The plank challenge is from Fat Chick to Fit Chick who I just found today and I already love her blog! She is a huge inspiration! She is funny and is on her journey to lose weight (Just like me) so go check her out :)

If you want to join just do a plank as long as you can, post either a picture of you doing the plank and/or the time of the plank with the hashtag #merryplanksmas (thanks Darci for helping me not be a complete idiot after I hashtaged it wrong.... TWICE

The squat challenge is from Allyson. I just found her today too but I am big fan of squats so I'm excited about this challenge!

Since I am late I'm going to do all the squats that I was supposed to do in one day. My butt will thank me later.

I would love everyone to do this with me! Planks and squats and my 2 favorite- no weights- exercises and you can do this anywhere and it doesn't take long! NO excuses! Do it!

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  1. You guys make me feel so lazy lately. All these fitness challenges and I'm pointing you in the direction to the nearest Martin's. You will not be disappointed. It's like sex in your mouth. I shall try to partake in the fitness excitement, no promises....

    1. haha! everything in moderation Erin! I will be finding Martins and going there as soon as I can... which realistically will be after Christmas! Maybe I'll celebrate my next 10 pounds loss there! And you can do it! it takes about 3 minutes... lol

  2. Replies
    1. haha! I don't know why that is so hard for me! I can't seem to copy what other people say... the first time I hashtaged it it was #merryplankmis.... which makes NO sense! you'll have to excuse my scattered brain :) thanks for following :)

  3. Thanks for sharing and joining in girl! MerryPlanksmas!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the squat challenge! Our butts will thank us for sure! :)