Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Christmas Traditions.

Jonathan and I have only been married for a little over 2 years. But we have already started our own traditions that we either got from our families or that I saw somewhere and just fell in love with the idea! 

I think traditions are super important and just plain fun! 

1. Getting a real Christmas tree. I have never had a fake tree all growing up and Jonathan doesn't like them either so we are real tree people! I love going and picking the perfect one out. It is part of the experience and excitement for me!

2. Going to get the tree on the first Saturday of December. This is one we started this year but plan to continue. :)
3.  We pick out & buy each other new pajamas and open them and wear them on Christmas Eve. This was a tradition that Jonathan grew up with and I loved the idea so we have done this since Hazel was born. 
I only have a picture from our first family Christmas. 
We have to remember to take a picture this year!

4. Watch a Christmas movie (This year is Polar Express) and drink hot chocolate in our new pajamas and relax on Christmas Eve night. This is the first year we are doing this one and I'm really excited about it.
5. Get silly putty in our stockings. My mom always did this with us and it was always just fun. I love silly putty and it's just a silly and fun thing. 
6. My mom makes this Breakfast Casserole. It is the most delicious thing and she literally will not make it any other day in the year so it makes it that much better. Although she will be spending Christmas morning with my sister and her kids, I asked told her to make us one so we could still have it! It has bacon, sausage, bread, eggs, milk, & LOTS of cheese. It is so, so, bad for you but OH SO GOOD.
7. Our family is really big. So we get in a circle on Christmas day and we go around and let one person open ONE present, then its the next person's turn. It takes for.ever. but it puts emphasis on the FAMILY TIME and not so much on the presents. Forcing us to slow down means we can enjoy it more. 
8. Make an Operation Shoe Box and fill it with lots of presents for a child who needs it. 

9. Every year our church does a "Be Rich" campaign where 100% of the proceeds go to organizations who help people in our community and in the world so we give money to that and do a service project to help someone in need. This year I cooked 3 families a meal and Jonathan went to help a local private christian school who just started up. He helped them move things and get it organized for the students. If you want to read more about the Be Rich then click here. We are so thankful to go to a church that puts so much emphasis on helping others. 

Well those are all the traditions that I can think of right now.

So on a little side note, today has been a crazy day. Hazel and I got up, went to Chic-Fil-A, Wal-mart, and Starbucks, then headed to my mom's to clean her house (I do it each week.)
Well I thought I was doing okay calorie wise. 
THEN I plugged all I had eaten into My Fitness Pal and it was WAYYY to many calories for a breakfast. BUT instead of letting it ruin my whole day I ate a super healthy lunch. I had a big salad and a turkey sandwich that I made myself to control what went on it. 

This is a big deal, ya'll. Usually when I "mess up" one meal I say "screw it" and just eat like crap all day and usually all weekend... So a small win for me. 

What are some traditions that you and your family enjoy?

Merry Christmas!


  1. Good for you for getting it under control. I always have the "f it" I completely messed up today - so be it..

    1. Yeah thats what I usually do too... It was a big step for me!

  2. Good for you! I'm usually the same way that is I eat crap for 1 meal, I'm done for the rear of the day. So I am proud of you for saying no!!

    1. Thanks girl!! it was a big step! lets hope I can keep it up all week