Friday, December 7, 2012

Week recap and weekend happenings. *warning, this is a boring post*

I really don't have much to blog about. This week has been a pretty boring on. I'll recap so you can see what an interesting life I live. 

Lazy day. Cleaned the house a little. Looked for my keys that had been lost since Thanksgiving and just played with my little Hazel. Her new favorite thing is hide-and-seek. Got a call saying that our aunts found my keys! Yay! Then whenever Jonathan got home we went to the gym. I did my 30 squats and a plank for 1 minute and  9 seconds. 

Read blogs most of the day. Cleaned a little. Washed all the sheets. (Still didn't have my keys to go to Hazel's gymnastics), so we stayed home. Then went to RPM and died. Did 35 squats and a plank 1 minute 15 second plank

We have small group (from our church) th
at day. So I spent the whole day cooking Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells, all while Hazel played in the backyard. I had all the windows open but this was the first time she played outside without me being out there. She did great! She had so much fun and kept bringing things inside to show me. She is such an interdependent baby  toddler. So she played and I cooked and listen to Michael Buble on Pandora. It was such a relaxing day. And while she napped I spent that time to clean the house, shower and get ready, and get dinner in the oven. The babysitter comes at 6:15 so we're out the door by 6:20 for our small group.

 2 things. 
1. We have the best babysitter. She is the sweetest girl and Hazel loves her to death. She is in high school and goes to our church and she is just so polite. I can't say enough nice things. And whenever she can't babysit she has 3 other sisters who are always eager to come play with Hazel. They all just love her and we love them! (No, they don't read this blog). 2. We LOVE our small group! We have heard that most small groups sizzle down after about 6 months of being together. Just with complications and schedule conflicts but ours is still going strong for almost a year. I love being surrounded by such loving couples and friends. We love, love, love it and hope to be leaders in our next small group :) 
I did 40 squats and a plank for 1 minute 35 seconds 

I read an amazing story :) Pretty much the entire day. Got totally wrapped up in and couldn't step away from my computer. I did clean a little but basically Hazel played with her legos the majority of the day (which she is obsessed with). And I read. Then I did 45 squats and a plank for 1 minute and 44 seconds. Then we went to hot yoga. It is my favorite 
(All while my dog licked my face) 

 Today is Friday and we don't have big plans. I gotta figure out dinner in the crock pot so we can go to the gym. Hazel is currently coloring and playing with legos. We have a perfectly, boring, happy life. I am very blessed to not have to deal with family drama or sickness. I know it won't always be this easy but this week has been a good one. 

Tonight all we're doing is going to the gym then possibly cuddling up and watching a movie after Haze bomb goes to bed. Then tomorrow Jonathan is doing is small group service project. After that we're going to go see Santa at Lenox (its a mall) Hazel is either going to do really well or she's going to be awful. Tune into instagram (kscott24) for the pics. Sunday we will go to church, come home, watch the Falcons (Rise up!), and then church again at 5. Jonathan plays the guitar and sings for the little kids and I get to hold the newborn babies. It is my favorite ;)

How is your Christmas shopping going? I have only ordered 4 of my friends their gifts. So 4 people down and about 40 more! :) Cheers! Merry Christmas. I'm off to do 50 squats and HOPEFULLY a 2 minute and 7 second plank. That's my goal.. Just to beat Lora. :) A little competition = abs of steel!! 

What is this money thing you speak of?


  1. You are doing GREAT with the squats and planks. Love a good competition brewing over her.. LOL

    1. haha! I know. I love a good competition too :) how are you doing with them?

  2. You kick A on those planks. We take Logan to Lenox every year. They have the best Santa and the Pink Pig!!

    1. Yeah! We are excited about the pink pig too. I hope there isn't too many people there today but I'm sure it'll be packed

  3. Girl we are a perfectly boring family too and I love it!! I let savannah play outside by herself. We have a fenced in yard for that reason (and dogs) haha!!

    1. I love it too! It's easy and relaxing. And I am going to start letting her play by herself outside more often. I remember ALWAYS being outside as a kid and I think it's important for their imagination!

  4. Holla bitch - I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! xo