Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hazel loves Santa!

Okay usually when Hazel sees someone new she hides behind me or Jonathan and peaks her head around my bum. She thinks that my bum can save her from these strangers. She is all into the "stranger danger" and usually has to be around someone for a while to be convinced that they are okay.
So when we were heading to see Santa, I was a bit apprehensive. I was thinking that Jonathan or I would have to sit with her with Santa in order to get a decent picture. 

As soon as we saw him before getting in line her jaw dropped open and you could just see the magic in her eyes. It was the best moment. That look in her eyes was worth ALL the stress from the holidays. She clearly believed that this was THE Santa and SHE was going to be able to talk to him. She was so excited. So Jonathan got in line (he was a  grown man going to see Santa by himself... real winner ;)) and my mom, Hazel, and I went into Macy's to get a couple things and Jonathan called when he was getting close so we came back. Hazel had to wait for about 5 minutes. 

Then it was her turn. 

I was nervous. She was excited. 
Let me back track to when we were in Macy's.
Cashier: (Talking to Hazel) "Oh, you're so pretty! Are you going to see Santa?"
Hazel: (shyly while hiding my behind my legs) "yes!"
Cashier: "what are you going to ask Santa for?"
Needless to say, I raised my girl right.

Well it was her turn and she jumped right up in his chair like he was her oldest friend.
It totally melted my heart.

She was the perfect little girl. She just sat there and smiled at whoever said "Hazel look over here." The "photographer" even commented on how well she did. She also thought Hazel was 4... she's only 2. She'll be 3 on March 24. 

Then it was time to tell Santa what she wanted 

Money and chocolate. At least she didn't say 5 puppies like she originally wanted. 
I can deal with chocolate and money :)
Then we took a family pic. I wish we would have gotten a better background but oh well! 

Then it was cookie time!! :)
That American Cookie Company are so incredibly smart. Putting their stand right beside where Santa is? Whoever had that idea deserves a raise. 
Mini Double Doozy goodness.
Good thing this dress is washable.

Then we were going to ride The Pink Pig (a indoor "roller coaster" that is basically a train) but the line was RIDICULOUS. I wish I would have gotten a picture. It was insane. So we left and went to see Hazel's Pa at the fire station. She loves to go there and see the fire trucks and he even took us on a ride in the fire truck. 

It was a great day :)

Merry Christmas! 


  1. Seriously precious!

    Caden ran right up to Santa and plopped down in his lap. He wouldn't smile for the picture but it was so cute seeing him run to Santa.

    1. What a sweet memory! My mom video'd it but I haven't seen it so I don't know what all she video'd.... That's so sweet though! YAY for children who love Santa!! :)

  2. What a great picture! My kids always cried.

    1. I seriously can't believe she didn't. I would have never imagined she would just sit there contently! The magic of Santa! :)

  3. What a doll.. She is precious and mine hate Santa and it stresses me out - we don't even go anymore. BOO:(

    1. Thank you!! How old are your children?? I hope she never stops going to Santa! That will make me sad!

  4. Best child ever!! You might be the only person on earth with a photo of their child smiling with Santa! :)

  5. first of all...AWESOME JOB creating the button!!

    It looks like the image size of your button is 320x367. So, you just need to shrink down pixel size to something smaller (if you want it smaller).

    Then change the numbers in your code to reflect the actual size of your button. Right now you have it 100x100 which is smaller than your actual image size.

    1. how do I change the pixel size? paint or photobucket? I tried to open paint and just move the corners but it messed up the actual image...

  6. She's precious! I know Wyatt won't remember this year with Santa but as a mother who let's face it still loves Santa, I can't wait to take him! You have such a lovely little family, glad y'all had fun!

    1. Thank you! I've taken Hazel every year since she was born! Last year she did okay but was with her cousins so I think that helped. This was her first year by herself and she did so good! I am so impressed! Good luck! post pictures after ya'll go!

  7. So I suck and have been terribly busy, so this post has taken me 2 days to write. But... I nominated you!! http://mother227.blogspot.com/2012/12/an-award-for-me-you-shouldnt-have-or.html

  8. So stinking cute! I am surprised, I feel like every little kid hates Santa! The only reason savannah tolerates him is bc now my nieces go with her.

  9. What a cutie! I'm jealous of your great Santa pics! I know this will be the year of the screaming child on Santa's lap...lol.