Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come hear me talk.

Today I'm linking up with Trista to do a "accent vlog" 

Cool pause face, bro. 

Now I'm off to the gym to kick some booty!!!


  1. YES!!! That is what my mom used to call it (rain when sun is shining) and I couldn't' remember. Happy to see someone else answer buggy.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'm so glad you answered "centipede," too! I began to felt very stupid when everyone else was saying "rolly poly!"

    Also, "Devil is beating his wife"? Where did that come from? LOL!

  3. Oh my god I love your accent! Cuter than I imagined. :)
    HAHA - coke. No, it's called POP!
    Buggy? Hehe, shopping cart.
    Today has been a rough one, but this brought a much needed smile to my face and a welcomed laugh.
    Thank you!

  4. i....kind of want to do this.
    I skeered though. I don't like video of myself!
    & I have a little lissssp. lol
    Love yours! & love that Hazel made an audio cameo! ;)

  5. lol its a roly polllyyy hahahah :-)

  6. I call it a rolly polly and we can "soda" POP here. (:
    I love Hazel int he background!

    1. OH and daddy long leg not a granddaddy long leg haha funny.

  7. it's not a buggy it's a shopping cart. ya freak! :)