Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No changes

Since my fall around 2:30 on Sunday my back has not changed. Still pain in every move I make. Therefore, I'm biting the bullet and going to go to the Chiropractor. I went to one in high school a lot because I played basketball and had to "get adjusted" a lot and I always felt SO much better after I went. I hope this will be the case now. I can hardly sleep because every move I make wakes me up with breath taking pain.

I now feel like this isn't something that is just "going to go away" so I need help. I don't think a regular doctor could do anything as I know nothing is broken. 

I have an appointment at 3 so hopefully I can get some answers.

I am irritable. I am ill. I am miserable. 


  1. I'm so sorry that you're still in so much pain but I'm glad you have an appointment... I hope you can get some relief! Keep us posted!

  2. :( Boo!!!! Hope that doctor whips you right back into shape!

  3. Poor thing, I hope the dr helps!!

  4. Hope it feels better post chiro!