Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday Week 10


Was it just me or did this week Drag? With a capital D.

I have been in a terrible, no good, very bad mood. I haven't been sleeping well. I've been feeling sorry for myself. I have just been plain ill. I know what is causing it. No exercise. I haven't moved my rump in a week and a half. I am dying for a good sweat session. 

Last Sunday, I was feeling really good. My back felt great and I woke up feeling energized. Monday was the same way.
I'm on the road to recovery... finally!
So on Sunday, I went grocery shopping and it felt great to get out and walk around. On Monday, I did light cleaning and cleaned the bathrooms. On Tuesday, I woke up feeling sore and achy in my back. I did too much. 
Since when did walking around the grocery store and cleaning toilets become too much?
Today I feel the same. Achy, sore, tender back. I was really hoping to get on the treadmill this week but I don't know if that's going to happen. I might try on Friday. It all depends on how the next couple of days go. I just can't believe that this happened right in the middle of this journey. Nothing like a big bump in the road like a broken back bone...

Despite all that I have been doing relatively well eating. For the most part I've been sticking to the plan. The worst part is at nap time when I'm feeling sorry for myself and I go get cookies. Why did I buy those damn things? Its the only junk food in my house... and I can't stop eating them. I have a problem.

Starting weight: 230.4
Last Week: 214.6
Today: 213.6
Down 16.8 in 10 weeks.
-1 pound! SAY WHAT?? I know. I am literally shocked. I really hope I'm not losing all the muscle I had gained.

I am feeling better about my eating choices other than the cookies and know that once I can start exercising again that it's going to be amazing. I just am starting to feel flabby and gross. When I'm exercising I feel unstoppable. I am good at it. I love the way it makes me feel when my legs are shaky and sweat is pouring off my head. I miss it

BUT, I am SO proud of my skinny husband! Holy cow ya'll. He's lost almost 30 pounds!! He is like a machine! Every night when he gets home from work he gets himself and Hazel ready and they go to the gym. He is eating so great and I could not be more proud of him. He's like a new person! I can't get over how good he looks. ;) We have done this weight loss journey before. This is not our first rodeo. But neither of us have ever seen this kind of progress. I can't wait to post both of our before and after pictures! :)

In other news, I have decided to run a half marathon in August! Erin Nelms posted that she wanted to do it & of course I jumped on the bandwagon. Any other Georgia girls out there want to join us? It will be in Roswell, it's called "The Alien Half" because its run at 7 P.M. and you get a glow in the dark shirt! Count me in! I am so excited and it's supposed to be a flat course! Compared to the last one I ran in downtown holyhillville ATL I think it will be awesome! Plus I don't have to wait up early! Score! If anyone else wants to come and run with us it's August 17, email me and I'll send you the link! I can't wait to get my back healed so I can start training!



  1. Wait to go! A pound with a broken back! That's great.

  2. gah, you are putting me to shame. I am so not feeling it this week. not sure what my deal is...but you still lost a freaking pound! that is awesome!

  3. a pound lost! Yay! I fell down the stairs about five months ago and bruised my tailbone and it hurt SO bad even getting up off a chair ouchy! Hope you get bette soon!

  4. Hang in there girly. You are doing great even with a broken back!

  5. Stopping by from the link-up! GREAT job on your loss this week! Hope your back feels better!

  6. A pound with no workouts? YAY! I know it stinks, but hang in there. Once you're fully recovered you'll be back at it.
    Your 1/2 sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear about the experience.

  7. A pound w no sweat? You are my hero. Hope your backs better soon! Lol at the E card so true!

  8. Yeah for 1lb with a broken back bone! Glow in the dark race sounds awesome :) Hope you start feeling better soon.

  9. That race sounds so fun. YAY for your pound loss!

  10. I actually lost a couple of pounds during the week and a half that I was sick and not working out. And now that I started working out again for the last week, I've gained some of it back. Annoying. But whatever - I'm still pushing hard! And I love the e-card! Because of course I love 'free' tshirts ;)

  11. I hate that it's been so hard on you, but understandably slow. Good for you for keep up with your eating!!
    What is the downtown ATL race that was uphill? Is the peach tree 10k downhill- I thought?

  12. I hate having junk food in the house- its like it calls to me! Congrats on the loss, thats awesome considering you're in pain!

  13. You are doing great! Tell your mind to stop over thinking it! Oh, and trash the cookies! I just signed up for the color me rad in ATL, and thought that was ambitious. Ha ha good job! Send me the link, and I will look at it, but I doubt it happens. I might make Amos do it though so he has another half before his full in September!

  14. Wait a minute, hold the phone, are you from atlanta? How old are you and whered you go to school? I grew up there and ok, I WILL TOTALLY DO THE HALF MARY with you :) august is far enough away that I think I can train for it - so yes yes yes a thousand times yes :)

  15. A 1/2 marathon?! That's pretty exciting news!! :)

    I know it's easier said than done, but try not to let the back issue get you down too much! You're doing amazing! It's better to rest it up and let it heal than to start back too soon and do more injury.

    I'm so proud of you! :)

  16. A half marathon wow. That sounds so cool. :) that is one of my goals. And one lb lost. Awesome girl.