Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tangent Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Today Hazel and I are meeting our friends for story time at the library and then a Chic-Fil-A date afterwards. I'm excited to get out of the house and go somewhere other than the grocery store! Let's hope the ol' back cooperates. Hazel is getting on my ever last nerve and I know I'm probably getting hers. We need a break from each other... Being cooped up is not good for either of us. 

In our small group, we are reading the book Crazy Love. Have you read it? It's really awesome. It's really inspiring me in ways I didn't expect. I really encourage you to read it whether you are a Christian or not. It will change your life. Last night, after a great discussion in group, I came home and cracked open the Bible for the first time in almost 3 years. That's embarrassing to say but it's the truth. When I was pregnant when Hazel I wanted to read it cover-to-cover. I got in a couple of books and then gradually just stopped reading. I'm not going to do that this time. So, this time I cracked it open and started with Genesis Chapter 1 Page 1. "In the beginning..." I am really hoping to be able to stay focused and finish it this time. We also decided that we are going to lead a small group next year. It's going to be a big commitment but I am really excited for the opportunity. I need to do more with my time too. God has blessed us so that I can be a stay-at-home mom and I really need to be using that time in a way that He would like. Not watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So I'm going to try to see if there is somewhere that Hazel and I can serve together so that she can see me serving and learn to serve others herself. She's almost 3.. I know she's still really young but she loves to "help" me so I'm sure I can find something we can do! I am excited to go on this new adventure to get closer with Jesus. I have always been a follower but I haven't been crazy in love with Jesus. And I want to...

Last night in my mid-sleep but still awake brain, I started thinking... What if instead of everyone and their children and grandmothers constant carrying around and always being on their iPhones....what if we were like that with our Bibles? How amazing would our world be in that was the case?

Sorry for the tangent. Just have a lot on my mind. 

Have you read any books (Christian or not) that have changed your life for the better? Some that really inspired you? I'd love to read them! 


  1. I'm so happy you are getting out of the house. I'm not a really religious person but always have wanted to read the bible. I need to get my book list together for summer reading.

  2. That's cool, Kelly!
    One of my New Years Resolutions is/was to find a church my whole family likes going to.
    Her we are, middle of March and I think I've been to one church service this year.
    I want to find one, but Royce doesn't want to be still AT ALL (unless he's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! :) ) and with a new church, I am scared to leave him in the those have been my excuses!
    I'll take your prayers in that department!! :)

  3. What is the book about? I'd love to try it!!
    We have been wanting to go back to church for so long now, but it was "never te right time"... Although I think it's more just being nervous about being new and all. But now that savannah is older, I want her to grow up in that lifestyle, so it's more important to start going for us!!

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation! I'll have to try that one. And good for you for getting the Bible cracked open. Have you read "The Story"? It's the Bible in chronological order and written more like a story so it keeps your attention. I tend to read that more than my Bible as it can get overwhelming sometimes. Great idea to get Hazel involved with serving beside you. You're a wonderful mom!!

  5. That's a great idea to get Hazel involved. I am going to download this book to read next week. I have started with Genesis so many times and can't be past it.

  6. um i love this post and need to get back into my bible also!