Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday Week 11

Good morning! 
Today is Weigh-In Wednesday. 
I had a great week. We went for a hike on Saturday and then last night I went back to the gym since my fall. 
If you're new around these parts, I fell down the stairs and broke a bone in my back 2 weeks ago. 
So I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'll be honest. I've never been on the elliptical! So I didn't really know what to do but I punched up the resistance and just chugged along! I did kind of intervals where I would stay on beat with my legs swings with a certain song and then the next song I would go a bit slower. It was fun, gave me something to do, and I really enjoyed it! After the elliptical I went to the treadmill and "walked up Kilimanjaro" I did it on level 15 so that treadmill got pretty high. I didn't really worry about speed, I worried more about keeping my heart rate high. After that I was feeling good & sweaty so I did some light arm weights. It felt great to lift again. That's the biggest thing I miss... My beloved Body Pump! I will see you again, my love!

Starting weight (1.2.2013) : 230.4 
Last week: 213.6
Today: 212.6
Down 2 pounds since I've had my broken back.
Total Loss: 17.8

I am feeling great about being down a pound considering I haven't been able to exercise. Just goes to show you that weight-loss is in the kitchen, too. I could have made better choices. There might have been some cookie/cookie dough eaten. It was delicious. So this week my goal is no cookies. That may not seem like a lot for you guys but for me it is. I've been eating AT LEAST 1 cookie or a hunk of cookie dough every day. I don't know what it is but every day at nap time I just get this insane craving and can't seem to shake it. 

Still, I'm proud of myself. 
Also, update on the husband. His weight right now is less than I was at my heaviest (I was a whopping 245... he is 239 right now).... He has always been "a big guy." His determination and dedication is amazing to see. I am so inspired by him. Even while I was hurt he never missed a day at the gym I may have tried to convince him to stay home... But... he came home from working all day, got himself and Hazel dressed and took her to the gym so I could get a break and he worked out. He is my biggest motivator right now and I'm excited to be back at the gym with him, even if I can't do the things he's doing. He is only 14 pounds from his goal weight! He started at 272 (he's lost 33 pounds since January 2) and he wants to get around 225 or less. I am so proud of him. Okay... enough about him! :)

I am 2 pounds away from doing another progress picture. I know you guys can't wait. :) Honestly, I am feeling great but since not being able to exercise I don't feel as tight as I did. I just feel a little flabby might be the cookies. But I can say that after the gym last night I slept the best I have since I had my injury. Exercise is amazing! 

On a complete different note I think all women should read this. And quit judging each other. Motherhood is hard enough without being judged for every decision you make. Mothers should unite and not bash each other. 


  1. Way to go on that weight loss!!!! A pound is 4 sticks of butter and so when I look at it like that I get super excited!

    I commend you on working out even with a broken back. The eliptical is probably my favorite machine in the gym, super easy on the knees and I usually watch an entire episode of Parenthood while just keeping my legs moving!

    I understand what you mean about cookies...they are just too good :)

  2. YOU GO GIRL! For someone who literally broke their back, you're so focused and willing to get the "job" done!

  3. OK, first of all--you guys are such a cute family! Second, GREAT job on the loss this week! I remember reading about your back pain last week, but I didn't realize you'd broken it. That's so tough--and the fact that you're losing despite it is freaking amazing!

    Also, I'm jealous that your husband's getting fit with you! Mine is rail thin, so he doesn't have any motivation to work out. I force feed him veggies and fruit and he works on our house (which helps him build some muscle, I guess). But I worry about Slim's heart and I feel like the gym would be way more fun if he were there with me!

  4. I think that's amazing that you've lost 2 lbs since your injury and you're very right - I think MOST of weight loss is done in the kitchen.. like 80%. Exercise is so important, especially to me personally, but if the food isn't right, I don't lose.

    Way to go!

  5. I had no clue you broke your back!
    With being gone to my hometown for a week and trying to catch up on life, I kind of lost track of reading blogs. I knew at one point you feel down the steps and hurt your back but I missed where you found out you broke a bone!
    Ouch! Hope you're healing we'll and glad you go to go back to the gummy!

    You're doing great, girl!!
    Keep it up!!!!!

  6. I am so impressed you've managed to lose weight, even with a broken back! That's incredible. You go girl!! Hope you're getting back to your normal self soon!

  7. I love that you and the hubby are on a weight loss journey together! What awesome support for each other.
    Keep it up girlie, you're doing awesome!

  8. You are doing awesome :) One pound is amazing!! Keep up the good work :)