Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Woe's

Happy Friday!! 

Is it though? Mine hasn't started off too well. I got woken up by a silent creeper (haha Lora.. Hazel must have read your blog yesterday and got some ideas) hovering over my face whispering "mama, wake up! Mama, I coughing. Mama, where's daddy?" I, of course, thought it was a murderer and may or may not have jump and pushed her off of me. Thankfully onto the other side of the bed and NOT the floor. 
This was at 6 A.M. 
I am a stay-at-home-mom. I have NO plans this morning except sleeping in. 
Stay at home mom's
Therefore, when my day starts 2 hours before normal it makes my day draggg by. I feel like it should be noon. It's 9:15. Not a great start to my Friday. Side note: Hazel has been an absolute angel this morning... full of kisses. It's just that I have felt like a zombie the past couple of days so getting less sleep is not what I need. 

It can only get better from here? Right?

I have a doctor appointment at 2. I have possible Staph in my finger (this is self-diagnosed). Don't know what Staph is? It's disgusting. It's incredibly painful and it's on my nail bed. Which is the most painful place ever. Imagine a hang nail times 10. Well I have had Staph before... in highschool I had it on a different nail. They had to drain it yuck and it was the most painful thing I have ever been through. I had an epidural with Hazel but no one tells you how badly recovering from a 9 pound 4 oz baby hurts. Well IT DOES... This pain from my Staph was way worst than that. So I am dreading this appointment. 
I'm hoping that I caught it early enough. See, last time I didn't know what Staph was, so I thought I had just busted my finger. So I didn't go to the doctor and instead let it get worse and worse until I finally couldn't sleep because it hurt so bad. 
I also have a mole on my back that I want to get checked out. I'm hoping it's nothing but prayers are appreciated. 

Thankfully Jonathan is coming home at 12 so that I can go to the appointment by myself so Hazel doesn't have to watch me cry while they drain my finger and that means after my appointment we will be able to start our weekend early!

And here is a picture that I spent way too long laughing at by myself. 
Why is this so funny?!


  1. Oh my goodness.... Ouch ouch ouch!! Hopefully your Saturday and Sunday are better!!

  2. way to go reading blogs Hazel! that ecard is's to hoping you caught it early. And holla for an early start to the weekend!

  3. Hope you caught it early! Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Prayers for good news from the doctor. Getting woke up early stinks so bad. We missed enough sleep during the baby months.

  5. Hope you're appt. went well. (If you've already updated I haven't made it to it yet, I'm catching up on my reading.
    And that picture of the old lady and her mixer- priceless. Gave me a much needed laugh!