Friday, March 8, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link-Up


I'm linking-up with Holly and Jake. I haven't had the chance to stalk Jake yet... But don't worry. I have a baby-free day full of no plans except sitting on my butt and trying not to move so that my back doesn't hurt. Sounds fun, no? NO. I am bored out of my mind and I want to go run. 

Finish the sentence:

People always tell me "you're really tall." Yeah. No crap. I'm 6'1. And I've been this tall since about 8th grade. 

In the movie based on my life, I wouldn't go watch it. I have the most perfect, boring life that is mostly drama free. It would have been more interesting in my college-days but I can't remember those days. 

Typically, I end up regretting eating half a pizza. Or sitting at home on a pretty day. 

I always ask to leave off the tomatoes. Those things are disgusting  Except petite-diced ones. 

Kim and Kanye really need to keep on keeping on. I love them and their crazy life. 

My parents always remind me that I'm not getting any younger and they want more grand-kids. 

Every single day I drink coffee twice a day. Once when I first wake up and another at 2.
This one time in college I was a beer pong champion. I played.. A LOT. Oh and I passed out on a curb in the parking lot. Keep it classy, always. 

My grossest habit biting my cuticles. 

My latest white lie was "I'm okay"

I know all the words to I like big butts and I cannot lie. 

When I grow up I want to be an owner of a bakery.

Sexy time is better the healthier we get.

I will never, ever be someone who gets their hair cut or "done" every 6 weeks. Or floss every day. Leave me alone. 

I think it's hilarious whenever Jennifer Lawrence has a profession interview. I love how normal she is. 


  1. I don't floss everyday or cut my hair like I should either. You're not alone! Happy Friday!

  2. It's 10:36 AM, I've been drinking coffee since 6:30, and will continue to do so until lunch. That's how I roll.
    You're supposed to get your hair done every six weeks? I thought it was six MONTHS. Whoops....
    Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. I wish every celeb was as real as she is.

  3. Looks like we wanna be the same thing when we grow up! I hope you are feeling at least slightly better

  4. Your latest white lie and mine are the same. But yours was probably about your back and mine was about my emotions! oh and I also want to own a bakery when I grow up :-)

  5. we have a lot in common, especially when it comes to parents reminding us of our age...hope you enjoy my blog. stalk away! thanks for linking up with us!

  6. I love jennifer lawrence and hate flossing too!! Dont worry mama, this is just a minor episode in your life and you will be back at it soon!!

  7. Hi!! Visiting from the link up and love your blog!
    I'm hosting a great giveaway right now...and have 3 more coming this month. So make sure you stop by and become my newest friend! Hope to see you!! :)