Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting back on track

So I know that I, like most of you, have started a healthy living lifestyles (I don't like the word diet because it means that one day this will end... and I know that's not true for me. I will constantly have to eat healthy and move my body in order to NOT be 245 again.) 
Yup... That was my starting weight. 245. YIKES. The day after I had Hazel I weighed 235. I nursed her so everyone told me "the pounds will just melt off." Um. False. This nursing mama actually gained 10 pounds while nursing. Is that even humanly possible?
I never watched what I ate. I was as stay at home mom in a college town. (Jonathan had 1 semester left of school before he graduated... so we lived there for 1 semester). I couldn't go out with my friends any more and party so I had them over and cooked these huge meals ALWAYS followed by dessert. It was fun. It made me gain weight. When you're eating a pan of brownies or a cake every other day... You're bound to gain weight. I was an idiot.
So then when I stopped nursing Hazel I had the urge to start running. I had never been a runner. It was what my old high-school basketball coach used to punish me when I was late because I hated it so much. 
But my sister was my main motivator. She had had 2 kids. After her first child she lost a ridiculous amount of weight. She did it from running and triathlons. So I started the only place I knew how... by running. 

This was my literal motto. I ran so slow. But I ran

I remember that first run like it was yesterday. Jonathan and I packed Hazel into the stroller and walked out of our duplex. I was in shape in high school so I thought I would be able to run a mile with no problem... WRONG. When we started running I swear it wasn't even 40 feet and I was huffing and puffing. It was awful. I kept having to walk and even that was hard. It was awful. So I quit. I told myself that "I wasn't meant to be a runner." 

We tried p90x. But with a baby it was hard for both of us to not have to do something for her for 90 minutes. She at that point rarely napped unless I was holding her. We didn't start letting her cry-it-out till around 8 months. So one of us would have to stop. It was just way too long. We have since done p90x for a while again and I like it. Jonathan always loves it more than I do... I'm not a big in-home-video- workouter. Which I didn't realize until we joined a gym. Then fast forward when we moved in with my mom. That is when "I got serious." Every night when Jonathan got home we laced up and would run the 2 mile road. I remember when I first ran a mile without stopping I felt on top of the world. Then I had to wait a while then finally ran 2 without stopping. We were running 4-6 times a week but we were still eating whatever we wanted and it showed. But I had lost the 15 pounds and got down to 230. I have been between 220-230 since then. Over a year ago. I even trained and ran a half marathon during that time and I never got below 220. It was all because of my eating habits. I told myself "I can eat this double cheeseburger with large fries... I just ran 7 miles!"... WRONG. Like I said I was an idiot.

Me and my sister before the half. I did the half and she did the full
My real time was 2 hours and 47 minutes. Not bad for my first. But the people who won the real marathon ended before me :( I messed up my knee bad around mile 9 and couldn't really run after that. 

You can read my after-half-marathon thoughts here.

So, 20 days ago, I started this whole thing again. But this time I was going to eat healthy. Eat a ton more fruits and veggies and less carbs and red meat. I'm not saying I will never eat a streak again because this girl loves some steak... But I want to change my views on food. I have always been a "reward eater" meaning I would reward myself with unhealthy food. If I ran 4 miles I would eat half a pan of browines because "I earned it"

This time its different though. I can just feel it. I am finally ready mentally and physically to make some big changes. 

If you are my friends on MFP then you know that I had a MAJOR slip-up this past weekend. I ate like crap. It always happens when we're busy and on the road. I need to start preparing myself for the weekends. They are always the hardest. But the big difference is this time I am OWNING up to my mistakes. I am not letting them get me down and this week I will kick some ass. Next weekend will be difference and I won't totally binge on fast food. 

 I think the key to a successful weekend is exercising Saturday morning. I didn't do that this past week because of poor planning. I hadn't taken a day off in almost 2 weeks and my body was TIRED. So I took Saturday off which lead to Sunday because we had plans to go to my brothers to watch The Falcon's game. So I was like the "relaxation" mode all weekend and my eating showed. 
So I need to make sure I take at least one day off a week. I am planning on Sunday being my "day off" meaning I will just go for a long walk or something. Low impact. 

Now I'm getting ready to go sweat out all my bad toxins at Hot Yoga! Then I'm meeting Jonathan tonight for body pump!

New week! Forgive, Forget and Move on! 


  1. New week is right girl - and here we go... Happy Monday.

    1. Thanks girl! I know! I saw your post today and I need to go get some new running gear :)

  2. I was just like you with the nursing thing. I nursed all 3 of my kiddos and it didnt make me lose weight at all...GAINED is what I did. Dont let this weekend get you down, just pick up were you left off and start that healthy lifestyle.

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who gained weight while nursing! Uhh it was awful! Thank you for always being so encouraging!

  3. I love this post bc I can completely relate. My sister also got me into running. I also rewarded myself with food. I also started this way of life 20 days ago. I think I was just done with the same old and not really seeing any changes, that I knew I had to buckle down and get serious. I still slip up a lot, but for some reason I'm more determined to get back on track.
    I'm right there with you girlie!!

    1. Awesome! SO glad to know I'm not alone! It's been a long journey but like you, I'm ready to buckle down! Tired of not feeling good about myself!

  4. Yes girl! I love your attitude. I did the "eat because I earned it" thing on Saturday and now I feel blahh. Lets turn it around this week :)

    1. This whole past weekend I didn't earn it.. I just ate and ate and ate! haha! I'm excited for this week! Taking it day by day

  5. several things:
    1. you are doing awesome! one weekend won't kill you!
    2. I have ALWAYS been a reward eater too, not anymore.
    3. I'm with you, this time it just FEELS right!!! #gous
    4. way to freaking go on already having a 13.1 under your belt! I'll be there in April (God-willing)