Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So What!?

I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew. I love link-ups! :)

So What..

-If I totally forgot it was Wednesday because it feels like Monday. 
-If I already posted today. I'm being an overachiever.
-If I'm going to the gym twice today. Suck it losers. Yes, I'm officially on a health-kick... planning to make it permanent. 
-If My house is a wreck. I have to blog sometime, Jonathan. Get over it. My followers NEED me!
-If We took the Christmas decorations down yesterday and every time Hazel sees Christmas decorations while we're driving she screams "Christmas is NOT over!!"
-If I'm totally obsessed with the salad dressing that you spray on your salad! I love it because I will never over dress my salad again! 
-If I want to lose 30 pounds by summer time... I think its a reasonable goal and I'm pretty determined to do it. Jonathan is totally on board too and it is always easier to NOT shove my face with cookies while he's judging watching me. 
-If I'm totally obsessed with the show Revenge. We just got Netflix and I'm totally just want to watch it all day!

I hope ya'll have a great Wednesday and stick to your New Year's goals!


  1. Haha, LOVE the "I have to blog sometime, my followers NEED me" lol :) Love reading your posts!

  2. Haha. I haven't had time to blog today BC Jillian needed me. Hopefully later. The mall is calling my name ;-) My son pitched an all out fit when our Christmas decorations came down. And he also asks for presents on a daily basis. I know the gym will be crawling today. Good luck!

  3. Looooove Revenge! So excited for Sunday! :D

  4. Will have to check revenge out! 30 lbs? YOU GOT THIS!

  5. Oh girl, 30 lbs is totally doable by summer! Go on whicha bad self!