Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stop the madness.

Okay so it's New Year Resolution time and I'm sure we've all set our goals and told a couple people what they are...
Did anyone else get negativity thrown in their face? 
I sure did. I'm sure a lot of other people did too.
 I want to know what you negative people get out of saying "oh you can't do that" " that'll never last"? What good does that do? Does it make you feel better? Because it sure doesn't help me AT ALL. So just stop. 
I know that I can be negative towards myself. But if someone told me their goals or dreams I would never, ever  say "that'll never last."
What a cruel thing to say.
I know that I'm totally venting.

So with all that having been said. 
Here are my New Year's Resolutions. Or my goals and I'd like to say. I'm not doing this because it's New Years. I'm doing this because I'm tired of being on the fence of the healthy eating and exercising. I am diving HEAD first into the pool and I don't want help to get out. Leave me be, please.

1. Lose 30 pounds by June 1. That's totally do-able. That's 1.5 pounds (approximately) a week. TOTALLY DO-ABLE. And I'm going to do it. Suck it negative people. 
2. Drink 1.5-2 gallons of water a day... Again... this is MY goal. I am 6'1". I am overweight. I eat way too much salt. Therefore, FOR ME, 1.5-2 gallons is totally reasonable. Plus I've been working up to it for awhile. 
3. Do no-carbs 2-3 days out of the week and eat healthy the rest of the week.
4. Go to the gym in the morning 2-3 times a week. Go at night with Jonathan 5-6 times a week. So for 2-3 days I'll be going twice a day.
 I am a stay-at-home mom. I have 1 child who isn't in school yet and naps once a day from 2-4:30. Therefore a morning workout and an afternoon workout is totally do-able. Of course I'll need support instead of negativity but I am very motivated and think "If I am able... then why not?" I am very lucky to have a gym membership, have a child who LOVES going to the gym (it's really the only time during the day that she gets to be around other little kids), and that I live close enough to the gym where it isn't a huge deal to go. My husband is thrilled about me getting "my money's worth" by going twice a day. suck it negative people.

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU. Yesterday when I was feeling down and bad about myself because of one person's negative comment. Then I came on blog and I saw so many wonderful comments from all of you with nothing but positive things to say. Thank you. I can't say it enough. It really helped me get back lifted and back on track. I probably would have given up if it wasn't for ya'll. 
Have I mentioned that my love language is Words of Affirmation. That means that one little mean comment can totally destroy but nice and positive things build me up like nothing else. I have to hear (or read) someone say that I can do it. That it's totally within reach. That I'm strong enough... then I'll believe it. Words above all else speak to me. 

So... with that being said. I totally slept through my alarm this morning and didn't get to meet Aimee for our morning workout but I'm not totally freaking out about it because Jonathan and I are going to boot-camp hot yoga at 5:15 then heading straight to RPM at 6:30. To say I'm going to burn a lot of calories tonight is an understatement. It's going to be awesome.


  1. I have no open negativity on my end. Just friends who seem to want me to stay the fat friend.
    When I had my gym membership and Logan was in school I went for about 2 hours everyday. He also loved the day care and actually wanted to 'go to gym & play' when we drove past it shopping yesterday. We got rid of it BC I was running outside more and it just became a waste of money. I have no doubt that you can't accomplish your goals. This blogger 'gang's we live in is such an inspiration. I love posting my successes on IG and getting cheers from you guys! It makes me want to do it more!

  2. I totally hear you. That pisses me off that some people are just so unsupportive and will thrive on you failing, just to say, "I told you so!" ... Which is basically like "I don't believe in you!"
    I'm so blessed with an amazing supportive sister and hubby, plus my BBFs!!

  3. Burnnn babyyy burnnnnnn. Negative comments- LAME!!! Let me at em let me at em!!!

  4. Yes Negativity is all around us - I get it from time and time and have chosen to NOT let it get to me. People need to "get on with their bad selves" - keep on keepin on my friend. You are amazing and beautiful and we ALL know it.

  5. You wouldn't think that friends and family would be negative towards you when you are trying better yourself. You just have to remember that you are doing this for you and no one else.

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