Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

Okay ya'll. 
I love make-up. 
Mac especially.
 If I could afford all of their stuff I would use exclusively their make-up. 
Want to know why I love make-up? 
Because without it I look like a 10 year old boy. 
Exhibit A

This is my make-up routine including pictures of the products. 

First I used BB Cream 
I love this stuff because it is light and it blends into my skin good!
This is how much I use on my entire face. 

 On top of the BB cream I use a brush and put this Studio Fix. I just use a little bit and get an even covering on my whole face and neck. 
Next comes the blush. I just use the cheap Covergirl. I like a light pink shade on my complexion
I think it's called Rose but I have no idea. 

Next that goes on is my eye shadow. I don't wear it every day but usually when I'm going to see friends or out on a date I'll put it on. I really want to get a Naked Palette. 

On the side is the concealer and the highlighter and I use my finger and mix the 2 to add a little bit under my eyes. I don't really have dark under my eyes but I think the brightness looks good. 
The black color I use VERY lightly to color in my eyebrows. 
Next is eye liner. Right now I'm using a brown liquid but I usually have a black pencil. I'm just liking the "lighter" look of the brown now a days.
After eye liner I curl my eye lashes. I think curling your eye lashes is VERY important and makes them look longer. I love curling mine. 

Then mascara. I have tried every single mascara known to man but when Mama Laughlin suggested this one I used it and was hooked instantly. 

Not only does it make your eye lashes look longer and fuller but it also doesn't run down my face when I'm a sweaty mess. It stays on good and washes off easily with warm water. It is amazing. 
Exhibit B... This was after I was sweating for an hour during spin. No mascara running down my face! 
Any other kind of mascara that I've tried runs down my face and gets in my eyes while I'm dying on the bike so I can't use any other mascara while I'm working out. 

Next is my lips! I just use Burt's Bees tinted chaptstick. I've tried a couple different lip sticks and just don't think they look quite right on my face.. So I'll stick with this 

Lastly I want to talk about my make-up bag itself. I'm obsessed with it. I ordered it from my sister who is a Thirty-One consultant. It is so big and doesn't show dirt (or make-up) AT. ALL. Its so perfect. 

What's in your make-up bag? Be sure to link-up with Trista.

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