Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everyone else is doing it

Well... I already posted this amazing post but I posted that before anyone else was awake apparently (or they hadn't blogged yet...) but I kept seeing everyone else doing this link up and who am I if not a band-wagon-jumper-on-er.
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SO! What's in a name?

Let's start with me! 

My name is KellyAnne (used to be Grace... now Maiden name) Holder Scott. 

So when my mom was pregnant her and my dad decided on Margaret Grace... So that was supposed to be my name but like right before I was born... Or maybe it was like minutes after I was born my dad decided he didn't want me to be Margaret. He wanted me to be Kelly. That is my mom's name so somehow they just added an Anne to the end... Therefore I am named KellyAnne... It is one word. Anne is not my middle name. My middle name was Grace. After my dad's mom. My sister and I have the same middle name and I gave it to Hazel. My "middle" name now is Holder which was my maiden name. 
Little fun fact: My mom and dad got divorced. She got re-married and her new last name is Scott. I met and fell in love with Jonathan whose last name is also Scott. So my mom and I went from being Kelly and KellyAnne Holder to being Kelly and KellyAnne Scott.... she just can't get away from me. It also makes it easier to use her debit cards! haha!

 On to my Hazel. 

When I was pregnant and before we found out Hazel was a girl... We went through all the names in the world it seemed. I hated every single name. I hated all boy names and all girl names. So Jonathan and I started named all of our family members to see if we could get some inspiration. We went through almost all of them and he was "my grandmothers name was Hazel." I will always remember that moment. We were in the car and I said "YES! that's it".... The only name I ever liked. So that was it. It couldn't be more perfect for her. So her name is Hazel Grace. Grace was my middle name. 

Whenever I get pregnant again we already have a boy and girl name picked out... But considering how crazy I was about names when I was pregnant with Hazel we will have to see when that time comes! Plus I'm not going to tell y'all because y'all will steal them because they're totally awesome. 

Also My dog's name is Calypso. We wanted to name her a girl Greek Goddess name and I loved that name. But as it turns out Calypso is hard to say in a high squeaky voice so we call her Callie or Cal. Hazel calls her Lalala. She always has! 

Also, does anyone else find it really stressful to name a whole other human?? Like they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. SO STRESSFUL!!! 


  1. Yes i agree on the stress on naming humans :-) My name was changed right after birth too! And too funny about you and your mom and the name thing!

  2. I so almost jumped on this bandwagon too....but I'd rather be lazy and stalk other people's blogs instead of writing another post! :)

  3. Yes very stressful. To bad we aren't celebrities then we could name our kids like Orange, Stove, or Carrot. bahahaha. I love the name Hazel and it fits her so well.

  4. I agree completely about names! One day I will be totally in love with a name and then like a week later I'm not so sure. Or i really like a name but knew someone with it. I automatically assume I didn't like the personality of that person it was becuase of the name. Also since my name was so popular I always one or more Brittany's in my class, so i refuse to like a name that was in top 15 or 20 for the prior year. Which stinks becuase some of the names i like just so happen to be in the top 10. The other worse part is that even though my husband and I agree on so much stuff we almost never agree on names! Atleast I have a ways to go before i have to make final decision.

  5. Picking a name was one of the hardest parts of my pregnancy. The hubs and I couldn't agree on a single thing. So frustrating.
    I LOVE the name Hazel. That was my grandmother's name, and she was one an amazing lady.
    Your newest follower! Would love you to swing by
    for a return follow.