Friday, February 22, 2013

Warning. This is a lovey-dovey post.

Isn't it amazing how God picked ONE person who will make you so incredibly happy but drive you insane in the next moment? 
I'm so blessed that I have found this person. He's my husband. He is my best friend. (I used to hate when people said that. But it is the truth.) I feel so complete when he's with me. I feel confident. 

Sure, he drives me insane and makes me want to pull my hair out when he comes home to a clean house and throws his clothes/ shoes/ keys everywhere. But I was thinking the other day and I would miss that if anything happened to him. I would miss our daily "conversations" about him throwing his things every where after I spent all day cleaning. It's such a stupid thing. 

I love that I can be completely myself around him. He doesn't expect to come home to a perfectly manicured woman with perfect hair and make up. Good thing, because I rarely put on makeup if we're staying in. He loves me in my sweat pants and t-shirts with my hair in a bun. Sure... he loves when I get "dolled" up... but he is happy to come home to me, the real me. The other day he came home and I said "wow, you sure are looking good!" and he looked at me in my sweat pants, t-shirt, no make-up, hair all a mess and said "you too!" I immediately busted out laughing thinking he was joking and he looked at me very seriously and said "I'm not joking!" 
That's a good husband. Someone who can make you feel beautiful when you aren't looking your best. 

I love how he pushes me to be my best. At the gym last night, we walked in to RPM and I just wasn't feeling it. We got on our bikes in the front row yes, we're those people and I started pedaling and I just wasn't in the mood. He looked at me and said "just pedal... you'll get it..." Then when we left he said "you were looking really fast today!" then smiled and said "Yeah... I was checking you out." It's amazing how after 5 years of being together that he can still give me butterflies with such a simple statement. 

He is also totally committed to getting healthy and living a more active lifestyle with me. I don't ever have to talk him into going to the gym like he does to me pretty often. He's my biggest motivator. He has dropped an entire pants size and almost 25 pounds. He is looking HOT. 

He loves our little girl. We have been talking about a huge career change for him and our family that would turn our whole world up side down. It would be a lot more money but it would also mean he would have to miss ballgames, church, and some holidays. We have been going back and forth and the main thing he was worried about was how it would effect Hazel. On some weeks, he might go a couple days without even seeing her. When I was younger my dad was constantly working. He would usually always miss our games and never came to school functions. It was a big deal for him to be at our ball games. I always wished he was there. Sure, my mom was there hollering her head off... but all the other kids had both parents there. I never had that and I always wanted it. It seems silly but it was important to me and we both decided that we want him to be there daily for the kids. Sometimes the best thing for children is just to be there. When Hazel looks back on her childhood I want her to see both of her parents there for her. She won't remember the money. She will remember the memories of her mom and dad supporting her. Sometimes that's more important than money. I want her to have a dad that goes to church weekly with his family. Being the spiritual leader of our family. If he took this other job then he would most likely miss out on Sunday's. I just don't think it's worth it. And thankfully neither does he. 

When we were engaged we both read this book called Every Man's Battle. Have you read it? It's a great book. Basically it talks about how sexual temptation is everywhere. Tv, movies, billboards, commercials, & magazine's. Every where you look there is a naked girl or some pretty intense sexual scenes. I can't believe that they can show that kind of thing on TV but apparently soft-core porn is now the norm. Anyway, in that book it talks about "bouncing" your eyes (meaning the mans... or both of you look away when you see something racy.) Since we read that book 4 years ago he has bounced his eyes every. single. time. he even thinks there is going to be a raunchy scene. He fast forwards when he can, he looks away when he has to. He does this out of respect for me. I don't make him. He chooses to. I can't explain how loved this little simple act makes me feel. He only has eyes for me. It's such an amazing feeling. 

I know most of you are puking by now at this love post. But I just needed to brag about my husband. I am so happy to have married him. I love him more today that I ever have... but not as much as I will tomorrow unless he pisses me off.

I love this picture. Sure I was 15+ pounds heavier than I am now... but this picture makes me happy. We are happy. 


  1. I love this last picture! What a happy family! I love the dress too!!

  2. What a great post. You should have him read it!
    My hubby is my absolute best friend too. We are blessed.

  3. Love this post. So sweet! You look beautiful in that last pic.

  4. Love this post, glad you finally wrote it! What an awesome husband you have! :)

  5. I am *totally* not puking at this! I loved it. This was so so super sweet, and it makes me so excited to get to this stage in my relationship! We just got engaged last week, so we still have a long way to go until we've been married for 4 years, but it definitely makes me look towards our future. This was just so precious :)

  6. I love the red sash on your dress and I LOVE your outift in the last pic so cute :) you're family is precious :)

  7. Awww! Love this. You two are so cute!

  8. I love this post! It's awesome he's so supportive of you in everything, to include being healthier. I love the first picture of you two. It's completely obvious you're absolutely in love!

  9. I love this post! & that you're so happy together! I feel like that is all that matters. The love and friendship y'all have is what makes for a great marriage!

  10. Love this! Jeremy is my best friend too and when people used to say crap like that I would be like uhh VOMIT! But it is SO true. there really is no other way to spend life!

  11. What a sweet post and a sweet family you have!

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