Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello Saturday!

I rarely ever post on Saturday's because I usually sleep in and then we are too busy having family time! We like to do limited phone/internet time on the weekends so that we can focus on family time. 
BUT this morning I got up with Hazel so Jonathan could get some beauty sleep and Hazel is watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating breakfast so here I am! 

I just wanted to come to brag on my Hazel. I always hear (and see) about how when children get her age (she'll be 3 in March) that they start throwing these terrible fits (in public or at home.) I just wanted to brag and say that Hazel has never had a "throw herself on the floor and scream bloody murder" moment. Never. In her entire life. Sure... she cries and sometimes yells when she doesn't get her way but for the most part she calms down in less than 30 seconds and she has NEVER thrown herself on the ground. 
The trigger for this post was last night after the gym I had to go get cilantro and laundry detergent so I went to the store and when I was checking out I looked over and there was little boy (around Hazel's age) whose parents were checking out and he was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. Like the loudest noise I've ever heard come from another human who wasn't on a microphone. I don't even know what he wanted because he was so hysterical. Anyway his mom is trying to talk to him and he is just screaming then he throws himself on the dirty Wal-Mart floor. My first thought was "oh my gosh so many germs"... my second thought was "I'm feel so bad for that mother" (who was mortified)... and I thought "thank goodness Hazel has never done that."

He screamed the entire way out of the store. 
Then I began to think about WHY toddlers do this? What triggers that? I know that part of it is personality but do you blame the parents? I know that the first instinct is to blame the parents but I wonder if its just the child. We will parent our next child the exact same way as Hazel but what if the next one does pitch hysterical fits? And what do you do in that situation?? 

Well enough about that! 

Today we are going to go on a family hike! I'm pretty excited. We live in North Georgia and have the mountains within driving distance. So, I found a little trail (only 4.4 miles) that we're going to go to today. I'm excited because I think Hazel is at a great age where this will be fun but not too extreme for her. I'm about to go pack a couple sandwiches and waters and we will be on our way. My plan is to hike and then whenever we get back to our car we'll find a spot to picnic. The trail is only 15 minutes from here so I hope we like it so we will be able to go more often! 

(I hope Hazel doesn't pitch the biggest fit of all time today because I just got done bragging on her.)
What's your favorite Saturday family activity? I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can spend more time outdoors. 

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!! :)


  1. Ha ha both of my girls have had those tantrums. Elizabeth had a monumental one in target a couple of year ago over wanting a pair of pajamas. I took all her toys away and punished her the worst I have ever before, and since. She was 3 at the time. I was also very pregnant and Amos had been out in the field for awhile, so we were all a little worn thin. She hasn't had one that bad since though. Caroline...we do the same that we did with Elizabeth and she is already so much more defiant. I am not sure if you can really blame anything. Kids will be kids. It's when it is the behavior is habitual that we can then blame the parents I wold think though.

    She will probably throw a fit on your hike. Ha

    I want to find a place like that. Surely to goodness there is something, though I have never seen mountains around my area of Georgie. Ha ha

  2. I have been in the same situation as the mother you saw many times. I still don't know how to handle it. Im not sure there is a right or wrong way too handle that. It is, like you said, mortifying. Everyone is looking at you and judging you. They assume youre a terrible mother and don't know how to parent. I ignore the tantrum as best I can. If my daughter (3) isn't hurting herself or anyone else I ignore the screaming and demands.

    I have a feeling my son who will be 2 in March will have his moments just like his sister. So youre lucky your daughter has never done that to you.

  3. My daughter is going to be 3 in April. She hasn't had the tantrums in public. She does have them at home. In my opinion, they do this because they are testing their limits. Seeing what will happen if they do it. Will they get what they are crying for? Will you cave to get them quite? Plus they don't know how to adequately express their emotions at this age. We have to take classes for our adoption and that is what I learned from this year's classes.

  4. My oldest son would throw tantums to the point I would be in tears. He didn't throw them all the time but when he did they were pretty hard core. My step daughter had trouble adjusting to pre K last year and would throw fits at school. I really didn't believe it until I seen it with my own eyes and I tried to carry her out of school. I was sore for days afterward because of the fight she put up. My concern was to get her to safety before she hurt herself. I think most kids do test the limits and try to throw fits at some point. I find it very embarrassing when my kids act up in public. Your very lucky that Hazel hasn't had many fits. Keep up the good work mama and be proud of that little girl.