Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Ramblings!

Thursday is here! Yay! I feel like this week is flying by! I guess because I don't dread my days anymore. I look forward to working out. Who am I? 

Today I want to talk about babies. I don't think it's a secret anymore that we're trying to have another baby. Hazel will be 3 in March. She needs a sibling. She is bossy, must-have-things-her-way, not a bad sharer but could definitely improve. She is an only child and she acts like it. I have always wanted my kids close together. I wanted to be pregnant before she turned 3. Now I don't know if that's going to happen. She also needs a play mate. She needs someone to play and talk to who isn't me. Don't get me wrong. I love my Hazel. She is an awesome kid and it totally has nothing to do with her... She wants to play. She's almost 3. I get it... but I have other things I need to do and can't play all day long. Plus her constant need for my attention is starting to drive me crazy. 

So what I wanted to talk about was how long did you try before you got pregnant? I'm kind of obsessed with people's answers. I know tons of people who get pregnant without even trying or who try for 1 month and bam! Pregnant. So what I wanted to know was how long it took you? You can email me if you want to share but don't want to post it in a comment.

Okay enough about baby-talk. 

On to important things! Like a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Go check it out! I hope I win but I'll be excited if one of you guys win too! I have always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer but can't ever justify spending that much. Especially when I just got a food processor! BUT I'd still love one. Ya'll know I love to cook and bake and that will just my life easier. Especially when I attempt
this for Hazel's birthday! 

Also check out this give away from Emily at Newlywed Moments... Who wouldn't want to win a Michael Kohrs watch??  I want the Rose Gold one so bad! Which would you pick?
I hope you guys have the best Thursday and make the most of your day :)


  1. we got pregnant in the 7th month.

    That Cake is awesome!

  2. It took us 1 month trying for our first. And I have baby fever hardcore. I think the hubs wants to wait a little bit and I'm scared it will take a long tie for the's all so unpredictable and I like control!! Sending good fertile vibes your way!! :)
    And I would love the Mixer and the watch, but I can't keep up with the blogs I already follow so to follow even more....ugh, I just don't know what to do!!!! #firtstworldproblems
    And I totally pinned that cake on Pinterest! It's awesome! Can't wait to see your creation! When is Hazel's birthday??

  3. That cake is adorable! I LOVE to bake too!It's so stressfree plus you get to lick the bowl! haha

  4. I want to do the same thing for my monkey's 1st birthday cake! How cool is that?!
    We weren't actively trying to get pregnant, but we weren't preventing anything... Bascially the second I was off any contraception I was pregnant. I'm now trying to convince the hubs we should start not trying again (monkey will be 1 in March). However, the hubs isn't on board quite yet.

  5. you already know my story...but I would like a complete recap on everything that you find out from this post. :) #Imaneedyfriend

  6. It took us 6 months. I was obsessed with all the healthy eating and no drinking for the first 5 months. Then Holiday season came, and we decided to take a break. I had wine at Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and didn't try to time anything. We were technically still "trying" without trying, and what do you know, I got pregnant!

  7. Well, you know I'm in the midst of trying also! Bleh.
    But the most common advice that people have given me is don't think about it. Don't stress about it, etc.
    It'll probably happen when you don't quite expect it to, or something like that.
    Easier said than done right!?
    I'm pretty interested on everyones answers also, I'm gonna have to check back and read them later on!

  8. that cake is adorable! With my son, I got pregnant within 2 months. With my daughter, it was more like 5 or 6 months. Fingers and toes crossed for you that will get knocked up soon!

  9. LOVE the cake. Super cute!

    Speaking of babies, I dont have a good track record with getting pregnant. I struggled with infertility for years. It took us from two and a half years and with the help of a fertility specialist. We want a sibling for Caden too but I am not ready and he isn't either. Maybe next year!

  10. 18 months for the 1st, 2 months for the 2nd!

    Have you thought about putting Hazel in preschool at all? I think it's helped Savannah when she isn't always insterested in playing with her baby sister!

  11. I wasnt even close to trying for my first. We are going to start trying soon for the second, my daughter is almost 2 and I think you and my stay at home hubby would have a lot in common when it comes to needy toddlers! Hang in there! My sister used the ovulation sticks and swears by them. Sending you happy egg vibes!

  12. I think you know this, but also curious about everyone else! ;) It took us 7 years to get pregnant with Jonathan. Those were some dark times for me. I was pretty sure we would have a difficult time with every pregnancy. So, we had been "not preventing" from the time he was born until my doctor put me on the pill to take care of some cysts & try to regulate my cycle (hahahahaha) for about 3 months in late 2011/early 2012. We started not preventing again in March and were shocked last June to find out I was 6 weeks preggo with Anna!

    My sister had the opposite story. She changed both control 9 months after she & Gary got married and 9 months after that, Garrett was born... 6.5 years of not preventing later, she's finally preggo again! Not saying you're infertile by any stretch of the imagination, but Tricia's experience is very common (not to go that long specifically, but to experience what is called secondary infertility).

    Best of luck! <3

    1. Ahem... That should say "she changed BIRTH control..."