Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday Week 5

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First of all I can't believe it's already week 5! I feel like this is flying by! 
I have so much more energy today then I did 5 weeks ago. I am sleeping so much better and when Hazel wakes up I am not MISERABLE when I wake up. I actually just get up and start my day instead of laying there dozing in and out. It's awesome to go to sleep and wake up energized. Something that wasn't happening 5 weeks ago. 

Starting Weight: 230.4
Last week: 221.4
Today: 217.6

One pound down from yesterday's post.
I am down 3.8 this week. 
With a total of 13 pounds in 5 weeks. 
Only 17.6 more pounds till my goal weight! Almost half-way there!! 

I am ecstatic. I am so proud of myself. I have logged and completed my calories on MFP. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been busting my butt at the gym 6 days a week and some of those days I go twice. I am not doing this the easy way. I am eating healthy and working my butt off the good old fashion way. And guess what? It's working! 

Gym this week: 
(You'll see a pattern) haha!
Wednesday: Hot Yoga and then 25 minutes on the stair master
Thursday: RPM
Friday: Body Pump followed by CX Worx (it's an ab class)
Saturday: Tried to go to RPM but it was full so we did other things... rowing, Jacob's ladder, treadmill, and some ab work--- then we went to Body Flow. Not my favorite class. It combines yoga, ti chi, and Pilates... I love a good yoga and hot yoga but this just wasn't my cup of tea. 
Sunday: Rest
Monday: I did Body Step that morning then Body Pump at night. 
I love, love, loved Body Step... if you're looking for a good cardio class then try a Step class at your gym! Kicked my butt! Can't wait for next week. My legs are STILL sore from it!
Tuesday: RPM
Today I'm going to do hot yoga and stair master again. My legs need to be stretched out!!

I am on of the girls who has tried EVERY "diet trick" in the book. Guess what? THEY DON'T WORK. In order to lose weight (and keep it off) you have to EAT! Don't starve yourself. I eat between 1700-2000 calories a day. (Depending on how many calories I burned that day.) I am rarely hungry. When I am... I EAT. The difference is I pick healthy choices. I pick fruits and veggies instead of chips and crackers. 

I am proud.
Since starting this on January 2, 2013 I have lost 13 pounds. 

Last week: 
Arms: 13
 Thighs: 22.5
Bust: 37
Hips: 37
Waist: 31
This week:
Arms: 13
Thighs: 22 (-.5)
Bust: 37.5 (+.5)
Hips: 37
Waist: 31

Well my negative from my thighs cancels the plus for my bust! 
So no changes really... 
But I feel tighter. I feel more toned. And I am rocking my clothes.


  1. Holy cow girlfrannn!! You are kicking some booty! Wait to go!

  2. You are doing AWESOME!! I love reading your updates. You also make me feel like I need to be at the gym more. HAHA

    OH, and your bust, I was told, should/can not increase. Maybe you wore a different bra that gives you more Ummmp?

  3. your dedication the the gym...I envy!!! I need to get my energy back!

  4. ahh so exciting! great job Kelly!

  5. Great job! :) What kind of meals do you eat? You should do a "What I eat blog entry"! Unless you already have and I missed it ... then just ignore this! :)

  6. Holy crap, great job on the loss this week... that's amazing! I am SO envious of you getting up and feeling energized in the am... I'm still waiting for that to happen and I can't wait!

  7. Wow girl you are doing fabulous! Keep it up!

  8. Thank you for the motivation!!!!! I am so back on track now and I'm coming after you! :)

  9. You are a freaking rock star! Seriously so inspiring! YOu are doing absolutely amazing and its posts like this that make me want to keep going and not give up. I just have to kick ass like you in the workout area ;)

  10. You're doing AMAZING!!
    So happy for and proud of you, girl!!

  11. LOVE IT! I started at 231 and am doing my weigh in TODAY! I will be linking up this afternoon (or tomorrow if I'm a slacker). Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sharing mine at

  12. I am so proud of you Kelly Anne!! You are working your butt off and it's paying off! You will be to goal weight in no time!!

  13. That's an awesome weight loss...congrats!!!

  14. AMAZING week!!!!!

  15. Great job.. I'm a little late.. Keep up the good work.