Monday, February 25, 2013

Shortest Weekend Ever

Why does it feel like this past weekend flew by? I blinked on Friday and I looked up and it was Monday morning. Boo. 

My weekend was a good one.

Hazel and I met Jonathan at the gym for our Body Pump/ CX Friday date night! :) There is an older lady there who is so nice and always compliments us on doing this together and coming even on Friday night. She also goes to our church! Small world :). After that we headed home. I made shredded chicken tacos and this mashed avocado/ guacamole thing that was so good I was eating it with a spoon. Confession: I think avocados are bland and I'll eat them because I know its good for me but I never crave it. I added chopped garlic, some of the juice from the shredded chicken tacos, some cumin, and a spoonful of petite diced tomatoes to the avocado and it was so yummy. Kind of like guacamole. 
We had a lazy morning of eating breakfast and watching cartoons. Then around 10:30 we headed for the gym. I had/have a stuffed up head. My sinus's are going crazy and I feel just foggy. I can't really explain it. My nose is running like a faucet and my eyes were watering like crazy. Jonathan offered to take Hazel to the gym and let me stay home and relax but I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't go. So I went and tried to run on the treadmill and I kept feeling "off balance" so I got on the stair master instead and did 30 minutes on level 5. It was a slow and steady pace and it didn't feel overwhelming like the treadmill had. After that I went and sat in the sauna for a couple minutes hoping that that would help but it didn't so I ended up laying in the dressing room for about 10 minutes. Then went and told Jonathan it was time to go. We came home and my mom came over to hang out and ate lunch and watched some shows and then Hazel and her wanted to go for a walk so we just took a little stroll around the neighborhood. Saturday night we ordered pizza from Domino's and I was highly disappointed. As our "cheat" meal I had really high expectations and I was let down. The past couple of times we had had Domino's it was so good. I guess they were just having an off night. It didn't stop me from eating 3 pieces. 
My wonderful husband took Hazel downstairs so that I could sleep. I had taken a NyQuil the night before and I couldn't even open my eyes when Hazel came into our room. That stuff knocks me out. I got up around 9 and it was so pretty we all wanted to go outside! So we decided to go to this park that has a big walking/running/biking trail, a play ground, and a picnic area. We walked for a little while and then had a picnic. It was so fun and relaxing just to get some fresh air and relax. It made me crave Spring!

 I am so sick of being cooped up because it's so cold and rainy. Today, guess what the weather is.... cold and rainy :( Doesn't help my Monday morning blues.

That's my mom. Shes 49. I know... Hazel looks like her child. 

I am feeling better though. Thanks for all the sweet comments on MFP. I still have a runny nose but I don't feel quite as "foggy" as I had all weekend. I can actually breath and I'm not sneezing every couple of minutes. 
I'm going to go to Body Step today! Although I don't feel 100% I am feeling much better and I think a good sweat session is just what I need. Plus it's becoming my favorite class and it's only offered today! So if I don't go today then I won't be able to go till next week! Tragic. 


  1. Hope a good workout helps you to feel better :)

  2. Ugh sorry you are sick! I love gauc, it's Delish! I also love dominos thin crust, hehe.

  3. Hope you are feeling better. It looks like other than being sick you had a nice weekend. We have been stick inside due to the stupid Michigan weather...I need summer!