Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Friday!

Finally. It's Friday.

I'm sure many of you know that I am addicted to my iPhone... Like I never leave it anywhere by itself. 
We'll a couple of weeks ago it got a bit of water damage... Nothing too bad but bad enough where the flash light on the back stayed on constantly. Everything else worked so I didn't think anything of it. Well last night we were headed to the gym and I went to throw away some trash before we were leaving and I accidentally threw away my keys. It was dark in there so I turned on my flash light app (so the light would be brighter) and it started blinking like crazy and then my whole phone shut off. WTF. 

We went to RPM and I thought it was just not charged and I'd charge it when we got home and it would be okay. Well we got home and I plugged it up and it turned on. I didn't really pay much attention to it because I was cooking dinner in a hurry. We don't get home till 7:30/8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.. Normally I make a crock pot meal but I didn't have any ideas so I had to cook in a hurry while Jonathan bathed Hazel. ANYWAY. So after dinner I looked at my phone and it said "searching" like it couldn't connect to our wireless or the 3G so I started to stress. We are not eligible for an upgrade and we don't have $500 laying around for a new phone... I'm going to go to the Apple Store today but I just know that the thing is fried and won't be able to be fixed... So that means I'll be phone-less. It's not the end of the world. I have a computer and an iPad... But I don't know why I'm going to do about a phone. 

Well that is not how I wanted to start my Friday... But I'm just going to brush it off. There is nothing I can do about it now. No need to stress and get all worked up about it. 

On a brighter note Hazel slept until 8 this morning! I will take that over 6 any day! I needed that extra sleep and despite not having a working phone I am in a pretty good mood!
I am looking forward to Body Pump and CX Works (it's a 30 minute AB class) tonight with Jonathan.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE working out with him? I love that he wants to go to the gym together and that he does all the classes with me. The group fitness classes are mostly women with only a few men (like 2) so I love that he wants to go with me. When I am not really feeling it (like last night) he gives me that little push that I need! I love that he WANTS to eat healthy with me and I don't have to make separate meals for him and Hazel. I love that we have that time "alone" (without Hazel) to just be a married couple and that we can laugh and joke while we are sweating our butts off. If you and your significant other don't work out together then I urge you to! Find something you both enjoy and do it together!! It makes working out so much more fun! And even though we usually don't talk while we can't hardly breathe it has made us closer. 

I also love our gym. I love that it is a good size gym but it feels like a community. The guys at the front know Jonathan, Hazel, and I by name and say hello each time we walk in. The girls in the "Kidsplex" all know Hazel and want to hug and play with her each time she walks in. Hazel LOVES going there because she feels welcome. It's really an awesome feeling. I know most of the instructors and they know me. When we pass each other they say hello! and smile... It's just awesome to go to a gym that the people are so friendly and welcoming. It makes the world of difference. I used to go to LA Fitness. I'm not bashing them because their gyms are huge and have everything but I never felt like anyone knew who I was. The girls at the kids area at LA Fitness were never excited to see Hazel the way the girls at BodyPlex are. It just makes all of us look forward to going. 

If you have a Body Plex near you I urge you to look into joining there. It really is a community and I feel like I have amazing support there! 
PS they aren't paying me to say this. I WISH haha!  

I was going to ask what your favorite healthy crock pot meal was? I need new ideas for Tuesday and Thursday and I'm running out of pins on Pinterest... Just leave me a comment with either a link or a recipe if you want to share :) I would really appreciate it! 

Also PS if you have an iPad you need to download the My Fitness Pal on there. I have always done it on my phone but since it doesn't work I downloaded it last night and it's so much cooler on the iPad!! Be my friend kscott24 :)


  1. Have you ever tried the BodyCombat class by Les? I'm about to try it out for the first time today.

  2. I would die without my phone. Ha ha

    I also prefer MFP on my phone. The iPad always gets me distracted, and it never scans bar idea correctly. Maybe my iPad just hates me?

  3. This is my favorite crockpot recipe. I got this a few years back from my instructor when I was doing a Boot Camp in Monroe. If you don't have time to thaw the chicken or forget you can just throw in the frozen breast and cook on low for 8 hours.

    Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

    4 boneless skinless chicken breast
    1 ½ cup salsa
    1 can healthy request Cream of Mushroom soup
    package of low sodium taco seasoning
    fat free sour cream

    Rinse chicken breast and place in crock pot
    Sprinkle taco seasoning over chicken ( the more you use, the more spicy it will be)
    Pour salsa over chicken
    Add the soup
    Cook on high for about 3 1/2 hours, until chicken is done

    Serve over brown rice with a scoop of sour cream

    Delicious and EASY!!!

  4. omg I would DIE without my but really! if you can't get it fixed, try loooking on craigslist or ebay for an older cheaper one...has to be better than not having one at all!

    I need new crockpot meals too! love my crockpot.

  5. I love MFP on the ipad. Its wonderful.. I am so sorry to here about your phone...maybe check on ebay or amazon. I would be lost without my phone. I need new recipes too.. I need to switch it up.. I don't believe I follow you on email is

  6. I am trying to not be as attached to my phone... It's not going so well bc I have so much to catch up on!!

  7. I would die without my phone, but it would kill me worse to buy one before my upgrade. :( I think it's great that you and your husband work out together. What an example you both are setting for Hazel.