Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tell me again... that we'll be lovers and friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

I wonder how many people have wished you that today? My facebook/blogger/instagram is flooded with Valentines Day well wishes! None as good as mine. 

Let's take a look at these beautiful lyrics shall we? They'll get you feeling all romantic.
I's been know you fo' a long time (shorty'),
But fuckin' never crossed my mind (shorty'),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shorty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shorta'),
but You ain't been nuttin' but a friend to me (shorty'),
And a nigga never ever dreamed to be (shorty'),
Up in here, kissin', huggin', squeezin', touchin' (shorty'),
Up in the bathtub, rub-a-dubbin' (shorty'),
Are you sure you wanna go this route? (shorty'),
Let a nigga know before I pull it out (shorty'),
I would never ever cross the line (shorty'),
Shorta'let me hear you tell me one mo' mo' time...

You're welcome for the poetry this morning. 

Although I am not a huge fan of this holiday (as I am pretty much all the other holidays) I still can't help but get into the holiday spirit. I love how holidays get people all excited. I have told ya'll before that Jonathan and I rarely do the traditional holiday gifts. He and I appreciate a gift more if it isn't a "forced" gift. I'm not saying your flowers were a "forced" gift but you know what I mean. I'd rather have flowers on a random Tuesday "just because" than the obligatory Valentines Day flowers. I'd rather have something I actually need. Like new pants that fit  ya know.. because I'm so skinny. I'm kidding. But seriously. I am down to 1 pair of blue jeans... This isn't good. Good thing I don't usually wear real clothes on the daily basis. My wardrobe consist of workout clothes/ pajamas/ sweat pants. I have I mentioned lately how lucky my husband is? 

What are our big plans you ask?
RPM at 6:30. 
Oh yeahhhhhhh bow chicka wow wow. He is a lucky man.
I know. I am the lamest person in the universe who doesn't even take Valentines Day off. I am about 90% positive Jonathan and I will be the only losers people in there. But at least we're losers together? 
I'd rather go get my sweat on than stuff my face with over-priced candy. I'll stuff my face tomorrow when the candy is on sale. 

What are your big romantic Valentines plans?? Try to top mine. I dare ya! :)


  1. I am so jealous of your workout...that is what I want to do with FH on vday! but I'll be going alone while he sleeps and then he'll be going later. oh well, hopefully at least I go! lol

  2. We are celebrating next weekend somehow. So I can't top you but I can high five you for the candy on sale thing!!!

  3. We "celebrated" last weekend. Got a sitter and went to a real sit-down fancy, schmancy place. Would have been a nightmare with the monkey in tow.
    I told the hubs if he wanted to spend an entire paychecks worth on flowers to spare me and buy me shoes, or a purse. He said I wasn't getting any of the aforementioned.
    So, tonight we aren't doing anything. Which is exactly how we both like it.
    Happy Heart Day! :)

  4. This cracked me up! Well played, well played.

    I took Elizabeth out to dinner and Target. Best VDay ever?