Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

So I woke up feeling good about myself and decided to jump I didn't actually jump. I got naked and stepped on the scale. I honestly wasn't expecting a big loss because of how I had cheese dip and hot wings on Saturday and Sunday night. But I knew that I kicked my own butt yesterday and sweated enough to lose a little so I just wanted to see. Plus I have problems with patience. 

Well I'm happy I did. I loss 2.8 pounds since last Wednesday!! Ya'll... this is a big deal to me. I haven't seen 210's since college. Since before I got pregnant....Almost 4 years ago. I usually get to 220 and then stop... I have done that for 2 years. I saw this on My Fitness Pal and it really hit home with me. 

Start at the bottom of the second pic and work your way up.
I started My Fitness Pal on December 5, 2011 but I had been "trying to get healthy" for about 8 months before this.

Because you see, I feel like I've been battling my weight for 2 years. I talk about it all the time. I think about it all the time... but I had gotten no where. The problem was I wasn't willing to change my diet. I thought that because I was busting my butt running and with Jillian that I could eat whatever I wanted. I was so wrong. This time something clicked. I am tired of working out so hard and not seeing results. So I take it meal by meal. I make good choices that I know will bring me closer to my goal. I don't have cheat meals every day or every week. And my cheat meals don't turn into days/weeks/months. 

 I had never pushed through and get to see that 1. I know 218 is still big for a lot of you but I haven't seen that number in almost 4 years. I have been "getting healthy" for almost 2 years and I have never gotten this low. I have never been so consistent with logging my calories. Today was 35 days that I have logged AND COMPLETED my entries. The good and the bad. I haven't just ignored it like in the past. I pushed through and even though I knew ya'll would see what I ate.... I owned up to it. 

One bad meal won't make you fat.  Just like one good one won't make you skinny! 
I saw this on Pinterest. It is so true. I have been eating so much better these past 4 weeks than I have in all my life. Sure I've had my slip-ups but the important thing is I moved on. I didn't beat myself up. I enjoyed them while they lasted and I knew that the next meal I would make better choices. 

When I got pregnant with Hazel I was around 210-215... I can't wait to bust past that and get to my goal weight. Only 18 more pounds! How is that possible? Now I've always said that once I got to 200 we'd see how I felt and if I need to go down to 190 then that would be my next goal. But right now my goal is 200. From there we'll take it 10 pounds at a time. I'm not willing to starve myself. I want to eat healthy foods and work out consistently. I don't want for the rest of my life me worried about a number on the scale. I want to happy. I want to healthy. And I want to rock any outfit I choose. 

Also... just wanted to clarify. I have always hidden my weight. Not told anyone. I'm not embarassed anymore because I know the scale will keep going down. That is why I publish my actual weight. You can judge me all you want but I am proud of that number because just 4 weeks ago it was 12 pounds more than it is today. I am proud of my hard-work. 


  1. That's so awesome!! Great job for sticking with it! :-)

  2. Proud of you mama!!! Keep kicking ass - you are a rockstar! And thank you for being real enough to own your "number"... Sure, it's just a fucking number and the most important thing is that it's continuing to go down. It was really scary for me at first too, but I feel like by publicly announcing my weight, it took away some of the power attached to that number. Plus you're a Glamazon Woman and it helps us tall readers have a perspective of what 218 looks like on a 6'+ frame. I've been battling and yo yo-ing in this same range for 2 years also, bit 2013 is our year!! :) xo

  3. You should be proud!! You are doing so great!! You seriously help me to stay accountable too! Do not be ashamed of that number, You are working your ass off literally, and deserve to be proud! Good job! I am so excited for you! 200 is right around the corner! eeeeeeeeeekkk!!!!

  4. Holy hell! I am SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!!!! That is amazing!!!!!! I just want to put on my old cheerleading uniform (on like my foot, cause it would never fit on any other part of me) and cheer "keep it up, keep it up, keep that dieting/working out/kicking ass spirit up!"

    I don't cheer for just anybody. :)

  5. That is amazing Kelly!! I know that you are on cloud 9! and doesn't it motivate you so much more now to keep pushing! I am so happy for you and SO PROUD! Keep it up mama!

  6. You are doing fabulous! Let me at anyone that tries to judge you!!

  7. Way to be in the 210's!! That is awesome girl. I have been battling my weight loss journey since 2009 now. It doesn't happen overnight, so I guess that is why they call it a journey.

  8. Ahhh that is AWESOME!! Good for you, definitely be proud of yourself!
    I don't even remember the last time I got on my MyFitnessPal acct. :-/ lol
    And I love that you haven't beat yourself up over any slip ups because they definitely do happen!
    I always tell people I know that are trying to lost weight that they don't need to overly obsess about not eating something that they love or whatever, they just have to know that they can't eat it as much! That pinterest picture is perfect!
    Keep up the good work!!

  9. That is amazing! I just got goosebumps reading your whole post :) I'm glad you posted your weight...I don't judge numbers anyway except for number of pounds lost! You are so close to your goal and are getting it, I'm sure you'll be onto the next and the next. Great post!!

  10. That is amazing girlie!!! I also have never really told my weight. I guess I felt like I needed to for accountability to make it go down, ha ha!!

    Love that picture... So true!

  11. I am so proud of you. You have earned every pound and inch that you have shed.